Traffic Hybrid & Scientific Simulation

Head – Mr. Naveen Sharma, Operations Manager / Transport Planner

Major cities internationally have identified the need to plan for congestion free cities and are investing in innovative Simulation based technology. Medulla Soft has committed itself to addressing the problem of traffic congestions, and identified simulations as the technology of relevance, incrementally building capacity, implementing solutions in Indian conditions and forming strategic partnerships with international leaders.

City Wide Decongestion Frameworks based on Simulation Technology help to:


  1. Identify problem areas

  2. Evaluate viable solutions and compare options for dynamic performance

  3. Ensure solutions for one part of the city do not create problems in other parts of the city

  4. Plan for ITS and infrastructure investments.

Traffic Simulation at a glance:

MST has executed the first ever city wide simulation in India for Thane Municipal Corporation.

MST is working with Thane Municipal Corporation for an ambitious Inland Water Transport (IWT) project which would help connect Thane to Vasai, Kalyan and Bhiwandi. Proposed: Detailed Project Report has been prepared for Inland Waterways Transport NW-53. 

MST is currently working on Delhi Citywide Simulation project with Ind Kalyan ian Academy of Highway and Bhiwandi Engineers for De-congesting Delhi with the prime focus of the project with the evaluation and optimization of Highways in Delhi through simulation environment